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How pure is the oxygen that Oxybar’s customers breaths and which types of aromas are used?
The oxygen that “Oxybar™ group” produces is pure up to 94% and the various aromas used in the “cocktails”, all completely natural and distilled by a cold vapour current, are specifically produced for this employment. However, aromatherapy’s basic rules must be ever considered… without forgetting the common sense rules!

Which and how long are the benefits of breathing pure oxygen?
Air is composed by a gas mixture, oxygen is one of them and it is present in the air in percentage that can considerably vary according to the barometric pressure, the environment around us and also, above all, to the atmospheric pollution that increases day by day, especially in cities. Today, breathing an air mixture, which approaches the optimal oxygen’s percentage, is a rare privilege of who permanently lives near sea or mountain. The opportunity to recreate these “indoor” conditions is offered by Oxybar™ that in just 10 minutes (suggested duration of a session) gives the right “tone” to spirit and body and a pleasant feeling of well being.

Does it has any contraindication to breathe pure oxygen, even if it’s flavoured?
To breathe clean air is obviously healthy and good for thousand reasons but we don’t use it as a medicine! Air is our most important “food” if we consider that we daily use around one-two kilograms of solid food, between one and three litres of water, but we breathe around one litre of air every minute so we use 1.440 litres of air every day. Breathe is the first action that everyone does when we born. We can live without solid food for one mounth and more, without water for few days but without air just few minutes. Today people give much attention to the quality of food and water they use so why don’t we better choose the quality of our first and much important nourishment?… the air!

Where Oxybar™ can be found?
Well , we have selected a certain number of bars , clubs , gyms , fitness centers , discotheques and disco-bars which will become "Oxy-spots" in a short time while considering also the new "no-smoke" law that will be operating from january 2005. In fact, a decompression area named "Oxygen privč", located in the "Odissea disco" in Spresiano (Treviso) is already functioning and the 24th of June 2003, in collaboration with the technology of air conditioner with oxygen generator Daewoo Electronics® an Oxybar Corner® has been opened in the Jungle Juice Café® just in the hearth of Milan center. Saturday 6 September 2003 for instance, a close partership with Smart bars (a healthy-trend Wipeoutsmartshop's bar chain which is the only in Europe!) has begun and a special Oxybar Corner has been opened inside the renewed Wipe Out Smartbar & Oxybar™ Turin (located in Via Bava n° 30, tel. +39.080.5561613) and the one in  Palma (Paseo Llinas n° 9, Cala Millor, Baleares). Summer 2004 will see the inauguration of the Wipeoutsmartshop & Oxybar of Palermo and today we have a new entry in Padua, the Cherenguito
Oxybar ready to Take Off! (photo) (Centro Sportivo GAIA - Via Fratelli Cervi, 5 - 35010 - Limena (PD) - tel. +39 whit Absinth in Icydrink, Bookcrossing, Speed Date and more. Very soon most of the European cities will have their own corner of pure air...


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