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Thanks to our five-years cooperation with an important commercial office, we can offer you full technical, legal and business advices by e-mail, fax or phone. In this way we could verify together the legal procedure to attain to founds, which are completely dedicates to companies, through different typologies of national, regional, municipal and overall European Union founds, for all businesses who wants structurally renew themselves with the introduction of Oxybar. It can be created totally new, inserted in a special atmosphere, planned and constructed according to specific aesthetic and functional canons, also using ecological building and ecological compatible materials, otherwise Oxybar can also be joined as an “Oxybar-corner” inside thriving business activities. Oxybar offer you their know-how for the starting of your new business, deferred payment and a direct advice by your seat (the cost can be invoiced and will be returned after an eventual signature of a supply’s contract), so you’ll be able to value your investment under all points of view.

Pilot Oxybar, the mobile Oxybar and modular plans

oxybar-station-completa-2012 oxybar-station-particolare-2012

        Oxybar Minicorner

We’ll now illustrate an example of how and above all, how much we can increase the profits of your new or already existing activity, bearing in mind the image’s return and the customer’s fidelity. The suggested price to customers for a single session of 12 minutes is € 3,00. The Oxybar has a double outlet of oxygen, allowing couple session, so imagining a premise of approximately 80/100 square meters of surface we could install three Oxybar, serving a total of 24 customers per hour and earning in this way euro 72. If we multiply this earnings to the number of working hours of your bar, circle, fitness centre, club, discotheque… we could gain in a normal day of job (about 5 hours of work a day) approximately euro 360,00. The Oxybar doesn’t need maintenance and the operating costs will be limited to the electric power and some smile...

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