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News: Oxybar & Icydrink, the original Iceglass maker in China, too! (official website) Oxybar born in 1997 from the idea of distinguish the service offered in public places like gymnasiums, fitness centers, discotheques and bars. Relaxing and familiar atmosphere, warm colours, soft lights and music, all combined with the aromatised service of O2 are just some of the aspects of these oasis that, in Italy, United States and all Europe, are already a consolidated reality. Is air polluted? So offer a “different” one. The advanced technology and the new format which offer oxygen with absinthe aroma, absinthe in ice glasses and many “smart drugs” proposed by Oxybar can be a formidable weapon to strike the competition, so even a small place can also become the only Oxybar of the city! The potent advertising link of the Oxybar service added to the geographic exclusiveness, with which it proposes itself, has aroused a strong interest among the media. Daily papers and magazines has repeatedly paid attention to the “promise of the 2000”, arousing interest of many nationals radio and television shows like Maurizio Costanzo Show and Fuego (Canale 5), Mosquito (Italia 1), Tg3 and La Grande Occasione (Rai tre), T.S.I. (TV Svizzera Italiana), MTV and La 7, Radio Montecarlo and many others local TV, radios, specialized papers, fashion and trend magazines... Give a look to the spot-video and you'll see that the time to look forward is arrived!

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