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*Oxybar™ brand around Italy and in The World   (*not in franchising and not updated)

Oxybar™ & Wipeoutsmartshop - Palma de Mallorca, Spagna: (photo)
C/o Bar Fernando - Paseo Llinas n° 9, Cala Millor, (Palma de Mallorca) Baleares

Oxybar™ & Wipeoutsmartshop. Palermo: (photo)
Wipeoutsmartshop & Oxybar™ - via Cavour 31 - 90133 - Palermo - tel.
+39 091.7495219

Oxybar™ brand also in Japan. The Italian Quality in the World

Cherenguito Oxybar ready to Take Off! (photo)

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